Fresh Coffee Beans

All our coffee beans are espress beans, especially roasted for you. Order now in the webshop.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee beans

At Fresh Beans we love fresh products. Therefore we only sell fresh roasted espresso coffee beans. After you place your order, we start roasting and within 2-3 days you can receive your fresh roasted coffee beans.

Our concept

Our concept is simple and clear:
We start roasting your coffee beans as soon as you have placed your order in our webshop. We don’t keep stock. All ordered coffee beans will be roasted, packed and shipped immediately. Special note: at the backside of each package is the ‘roasting date’ as well as the ‘best before’ date

Direct Trade

All our coffee beans come directly from local farmers. They are processed and roasted at our local roasting facilities in the south of The Netherlands. Through our years of close cooperation we can make clear agreements with our customers.

Order now

Try an order today: the minimum order amount is only 1 kilo, but it is advisable to order at least 3 kilos, as the shipping costs are fixed for a small amount.

Price and Quality

Our prices might be slithly higher in comparison with the supermarkets, but the quality of the coffee beans and the moment that they are roasted are far different from those. You can compare this as a mass product and a special custom made coffee. Very special and delicious.

Our Collection Beans!

Remarkable coffee beans for a incredible cup of coffee. We deliver the beans, you do the rest. Brew it your way!


Amor | medium

Espresso beans from: Guatemala

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Listo | strong

Espresso beans from: Brasil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia

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Chocolombia | medium

Espresso beans from: Colombia

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Emporio | strong

Espresso beans from: Brasil, Colombia, Guatemala

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Amazonas | medium

Espresso beans from: Brasil

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Office | strong

Espresso beans for your office

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